Virtual CISO
Consulting Services

A virtual CISO will help maximize your security budget
and provide on demand access to executive leadership.

Benefits of Virtual CISO Services

Build your cyber security program with the help of a vCISO

Cost effective

On average CISOs earn $250k-$350k annually. For a fraction of the cost you gain an expert to guide program development.

Maximize Security ROI

Don’t waste time and money on consultants selling you solutions you don’t need. A vCISO will prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk.

Extension of your team

A vCISO provides your security team with the expertise, experience, and support required to accomplish your organization’s security goals.

How Virtual CISO Services work?

Plan, develop, and implement an effective cyber security strategy

Audit Existing Documentation

Our vCISO will review and audit your security program and policies to benchmark your security maturity.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Our vCISO will assess administrative, physical, internal, and external security controls to determine risk.

Create a Strategic Roadmap

A 2-3 year roadmap is created focusing on highest impact objectives to improve your security posture.

Implement and Address Risk

CopiaConsults will coordinate with your team and your vCISO to implement projects to strategically address risk.

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